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DSI & DSI XL Cards


These cards Listed below  will work with - All versions of DS and DSI Consoles That are currently available.

The very latest in Flash card technology  totally geared for wifi interaction on all levels  from Playing games with others,  to dowloading via a wifi connection,This is the latest and fastest of all cards available today  9 out of 10 for this card.

The most popular, by sales, This card is phenomenally popular probably because of its straight forward ease of use, It has all the functionality  you will probably need, The only issue is it needs to be flashed using another console if you are going to use it on dsi xl or dsi  ver 1.4,  BUT WE WILL DO THAT FOR YOU, just ask and its done.

EZ FLASH , OUT OF THE BOX 1.4 COMPATIBLE, 2ND GENERATION DSI CARDS One of the first cards to be out of the box 1.4 compatible, side loading micro sd and  high quality mouldings that feel like they were made for the dsi. Luxury stainless thumb stylus for free !! 10-20 second loading times when you switch the machine on, so a little slower than the other dsi dsi xl compatible cards.

FIRST CARD WITH FIRMWARE WRITER YOU WILL NEVER WORRY ABOUT A FIRMWARE UPGRADE EVER AGAIN !! Being the first flash memory based flashcart, supercard wins the support of vast number of customers SC team's innovative design and Supercard's simple , useful functions work well. and the firmware writer is almost a stroke of genius.