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The Nintendo DS (I)  was released November 2008, more RAM, a better processor, larger screens, and two cameras. It was a fantastic upgrade to the previous machines. However, existing DS cards did not work with the new DS (I). Approximately a month later, New cards started to come onto the market for  DSi owners .A lot of these cards were also backwards-compatible with DS and DS Lite consoles.

Nintendo, however, released a firmware update to the DSI cards, that allows users to, amongh other things, post photos on social networking websites. As a result of this firmware upgrade (which upgrades the DSi firmware to 1.4), a lot of  cards could not be used  with this 1.4 update . Some e manafacturers soon released NEW CARDS  . As you flick through the page you will see which cards are or are not 1.4 compatible, so no worries about ordering the wrong one.

Footnote  The DSI  XL  IS COMES OUT OF THE FACTORY WITH 1.4 UPDATE so you will need a 1.4 compatible card 1.4 compatible for ds


Nintendo 3DS  News
Nintendo at their press conference officially announced the Nintendo 3DS. it’s 3D in your pocket. There’s no glasses needed. And,there’s an option to turn the 3D on or off.

Along the side, you’ll find a slider that will let you adjust the 3D for how far you’re holding the device away from your face, making the graphics much better. You can also choose to turn off the 3D effect entirely.

The bottom screen is not 3D compatible, and it’s a touch panel. The 3DS is also going to be compatible with Nintendo DSi titles, so that’s a bonus. no mention of pricing or availability .  yet but dont expect it to be cheap.

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