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Officially TT,DS some people call them DSTT. Are a SDHC High capacity.  Nintendo DS game Card
Chose from 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB,
An Improvement on the original r4 ds card from TTDS people. It bought a bright icon display and simple to use menu.  WIFI and Downloadable game play,  which standard r4 doesnt offer. Not as fast as some of the latest ,but a very popular card,which holds its own especially if you want some wifi, and downloadable technology for a reasonable price
100% micro sd compatibility ,that is it would work with any type of micro sd, and 16GB capacity., and on that note !  we would recommend 4GB as a good card to start with.
There are some great features in this little package on the DSTT like: SDHC, direct save to MicroSD, game status icons, 2-5 second game boot times, a little slower than
acekard 2i or the R4 sdhc or the Supecard dsone i, But when you consider its cheap price tag it becomes more appealing, and when you think of how a lot of the DS flashcards started out a prices around- £60  for an r4 card when first released which hadnt even got any of these features
These sort of usabilities and features on The TTDS makes it well worth considering when purchasing your next flashcard
Another safebuy from UK-MEMORY CARDS  Try one today.
The r4 is perfect for the average DS games lover.  The maximum Micro sd size is 2gb which is adequate enough for most people,
the average game is between 32 mb and 64 mb leaving you with plenty of room for everything else.  Average 2gb cart will contain 30 plus nds game files.
Many nds files are actually much smaller, although some are of a larger size.

Homebrew applications are smaller meaning you're card can hold even more information, which gives you much more room to enjoy your gaming experiance.

The R4 card can even handle video files, however these require additional software before use as the files will need to be converted before running on R4.
This is ideal should you be on a long trip somewhere - it will avoid the necessity of having to purchase expensive dvd players for your car.

The skins (screens) are simple to navigate and can even be customized to your own personal requirements - these can be downloaded from various websites
a simple google search for R4 skins will give you plenty of options or even the R4 website itself.  You can even create your own skins using R4 Alice.

You may read comments on other sites / forums giving negative reviews on the R4 card - however IGNORE THEM as the R4 card has stood the test of time,
although now, maybe out performed by some of the newer cards - the R4 still provides everything you need to enjoy trouble free R4 DS gaming at a
fantastic price.
Although officially, the R4 team no longer exist - the pure simplicity of this R4 card requires no outside addtional support, as you will not be downloading via internet wifi,  or have any real need to carry out any updates


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TopToy DSTT Multimedia Card for NDS and NDS Lite TTDS, Improves on original R4 Card with 16gb capacity 

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16GB Sandisk Micro- SD Adapter- and USB Stick Connector READY TO GO ! Go all the way !16 GB !!! MASSIVE ! 240 PLUS GAMES CAPACITY &a 

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TopToy DSTT Multimedia Card for NDS and NDS Lite The DS Top-Toy (DSTT) is a new, sturdy DS-Flashcard for the Nintendo DS and DS li te. Here’s Just Some Of The Benefits You WILL Enjoy With DSTT 

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Sandisk Micro- SD Adapter- and USB Stick Connector 8GB (160 GAMES) twice the power of 4GB 4 x the power of a 2gb. The next step. upgrade from r4 to TTDS 

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TTDS Standalone Card

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TTDS DS Stand alone Memory card On their own are a great money saver. NO Micro sd, Just memory card AND USB 

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