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The latest in Memory Card Technology ! Hot off the press !

DSI DS AND DSIXL compatible. Supercard DSTWO. Guns down the competition.

GBA emulator

Other System emulation
The Supercard team plan to not only add SNES emulation but also other consoles such as the Neo Geo and  more.
ROM compatibility
Appears to work with almost every rom on the market  APPEARS TO BE similar to the DSONE I
When DS ROM compatibility is a concern, the Supercard team have a GREAT record when it comes to support ,still releasing updated software for their original slot-2 DS cards
Realtime features





realtime menu is impressive

Game guide supports TXT and BMP files and allows you to scroll through the document(s) and will remember where you left off previously.
Real time save works great, and gives you up to 4 slots which you can name individually
Slow motion gives you the ability to slow down game play with 4 levels of slowdown
The free cheat mode, a new feature that is exclusive allows you to search for and enable cheats within games when you don't have cheat files downloaded.

Other info

The DSTWO comes with a brief manual, MEMORY CARD and micro SD card reader.
The DSTWO is a black cart with a shiny back label and spring loaded micro SD slot. The cart is held together by a single screw and several prongs inside the plastic mould. The cart does have a slight bulge to it where the chips protrude outside of the casing, and it does feel somewhat tight inside the DSi's cart slot, but it clicks in place fine.

As it stands, the SUPERCARD DSTWO is a great cart - the onboard processor alone makes it worth having

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8GB SUPERCARD DS TWO Memory card of the future

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You Save: £3.00
Out and out The newest and best in the Supercard Range The team spent 2 years putting this one together. A job well done. a competition beater. Supercedes dsonei, and you will never have to patch a game. This is the ultimate 

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DS SUPERCARD TWO -4GB The latest and best

Average customer rating:
5 stars  Total votes: 1
You Save: £4.00
New cheat systems, improved GUI, Easy file control, and super duper antipiracy.The new processor makes the supercard two, a truly great memory card. for DS DSI and DSIXL. This is the best money can buy 

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DSTWO 2GB SUPERCARD- The ultimate in memory card technology

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Fast Reliable Secure. The Supecard Delivers. If you want the latest and the best chose this supercard. Expensive. yes Why ? They are simply the best. Try 2gb and upgrade later. 

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Supercard DSTWO The Ultimate Card

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Built in GBA EMULATOR .This is the Very latest, Most advanced of memory cards available today, The DSTWO boasts its own on board CPU and a host of new functions. 

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