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TTDS Review


The TTDS, DSTT was the firs rival to the r4 card, a cheap slot-1 flashcard that boasted full SDHC compatibility, cheats, soft reset & saving directly to MicroSD .
It entered the market out of relatively nowhere but already has an impressive list of features. Few cards came to the market with the sort of
functionality as the DSTT upon initial release.

Basically the TTDS card can handle SDHC meaning you can use with larger sd cards, upto 16GB again giving you much more valuable gaming space.

Although loading slightly slower than R4 card, DSTT came with improved wifi compatibility and icon display instead of basic text.  and energy saving design features for longer game play.

There are some great features in this little package on the DSTT like: SDHC, direct save to MicroSD, game status icons, 2-3 second game boot times,
when you consider its cheap price tag it becomes even more appealing. When you think of how a lot of the DS flashcards started out, - £60  for an r4 card when first released, and without these sorts of features to begin with.
Having this sort of usability out the door with the DSTT is a great achievement. 
There is certainly a great foundation to begin with. The DSTT is loaded with good features and should definitely be considered when purchasing your
next flashcard (The TTDS ia another safe and value purchase.

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