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Supercard One I Review

Supercard DS One I Review

The Supercard DS Onei interface is more advanced than other flash cards, it resembles more a PDA than traditional flash card interface,
it has many more option than your standard flash card and allows the user to really customize the way they use the card and has settings that can
improved compatibility on certain homebrew roms like the read speed of the MicroSD, settings can also be saved for each rom if you want different settings for different programs, the Supercard DSi DSOnei also has features like soft-reset which is extremely handy.

Of course we can’t forget the core hardware firmware update feature, this is what really sets this card out from the rest, being able to update the cards
core hardware not only means it’s protected if a DSi update comes out that makes it incompatibile, it also means that the team has the ability to add new functions to the card that could not be implemented with just a software firmware update alone, the Supercard DS Onei are truly a future proof solution.

Supports MicroSD & SDHC Cards to 32GB