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R4 SDHC Review

R4 SDHC Review

The R4 SDHC is basically another version of our favouritte the R4 but does offer some other options - the main benefit is the R4 SDHC can handle larger
sd cards - officially up to 32 gb although to the best of our knowledge only 16 gb sd cards are currently available.

Imagine with a 2gb card you can get between 30 - 50 nds files on average you can now have 8 times this amount using a 16 gb micro sd card with your
R4 SDHC which will probably give you enough room to handle every nds game ever released or at the least all the games / homebrew actually worth having.

If you are familiar with R4, setting up the R4SDHC is the same. Simply download the latest firmware or simply ask and we will preload this for you,
extract the file and transfer the files onto the microSD or microSDHC and thats it, then plug the sd card into your R4 SDHC.
Adding ROMs and Homebrew is simple. Once you have the microSD/SDHC card inserted into the card reader and the card reader connected to the computer,
its a simple drag and drop.
You'll need to setup two folders, one for your DS games and one for your Homebrew files.

Testing the R4SDHC with commercial ROMs that we own, it works the same as the R4. There was no difference in functionality at all except that you can now
store many, many more games and homebrew on a single microSDHC card.

R4SDHC includes Moonshell which allows you to play multimedia files on your DS. In order to watch movies, you must use DPG tools (PC Software)
to convert the files to a format Moonshell will recognize. Playing a movies is a nice feature to the R4SDHC. Playing MP3s is another nice addition
and plays flawslessly.

Again, we have not encountered any issues with the R4 SDHC card and if you are prepared to purchase a larger SD card then you may never need to look
any further than the R4 SDHC.
Have a great day - UK-Memory-cards