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R4 I Ultra Review

R4 I Ultra Review

Welcome to my latest review of the third Nintendo DSi to hit the masses. This time around I'll be covering the R4i ultra which it's predessessor
was one of the most saught after Nintendo DS flash cards to be produced. The R4i and similiar products allow to to run unsigned code (aka homebrew)
on your DSi. There are advantages and disadvantages to running homebrew on your console. Advantages include the ability to play movies, music, read books
and view pictures along with running indie made software including games and useful applications.

The R4i Ultra is your gateway to homebrew games and applications on your DSi console, there are thousands of homebrew games and apps which can do
anything from enhance the overall features of the DSi to totally transform the way you use the console. The most popular homebrew app would be
the Moonshell media player which allows you to play your mp3 music and also movies in dpg format, moonshell has a set of tools that will allow you
to easily convert your videos from mp4 or Avi to dpg.

Another good thing about the R4i DSi flash card is that it looks to be based off the AceKard firmware, why this is a good thing is because the
AceKard firmware is much better than the original R4 firmware was and has better compatibility, also for the R4 lovers out there it has got
the interface you have come to know and love, so in short it’s an AceKard backend with an R4 interface and this makes the original R4i Ultra
the best out of all the R4i cards on the market.  n

If you have owned or used an older R4 card and have just upgraded to the new DSi console and don’t really want to change to another card
like AceKard 2i and like the interface on the R4 then the R4i Ultra DSi flashcard could be the product for you, they are set at a good price
for what you get and have an extremely low faulty rate just like the original R4 cards