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R4 I new SDHC Review

R4 I-NEW- SDHC Review

The R4 SDHC I- includes many new functions, such as the ability to recognise and display SD type, capacity and format, power saving features such as the
sleeping mode function, Multi-language setting, simple and easy-operated interface, supports up to 32GB of storage capacity with SDHC cards with
enhanced performance even on slower card, a capable R4i team commit themselves to the website maintenance and kernel updates, R4i-SDHC cards are compatible to all NDS games, R4i-SDHC supports cheatcode and soft-reset setting on a per-game basis, avoiding possible conflicts,
The new UI cheatcode designed to be easy to use, ensuring smooth gaming experience even for new users, the latest Moonshell 2.0 built in the card,
R4i-SDHC delivers a better multimedia experience with higher decoding performance and better picture quality, The improved manufacturing process of R4i-SDHC ensures a minimal error in size and shape. The card thickness and area of gold-finger is specifically controlled with a error range
of less than 0.1mm compared to an original NDS game card which increases the compatibility between the R4i and the Nintendo console.