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The EZFlash Vi can accept up to 32GB Micro-SDHC cards, and is, of course, compatible with the DSi as well as the DS and DS Lite!

Currently, the EZ Flash Team has been brought to its fifth generation of EZ Flash carts, with the newest cart being the EZ Flash Vi ,
which runs on a Nintendo DS Phat (first generation), the Nintendo DS Lite (second generation), and of course, the Nintendo DSi, even going as
far as bypassing Nintendo’s dreaded firmware 1.4 update mere DAYS after Nintendo let the firmware out!!!!

In my opinion, Team EZ Flash can talk the talk and walk the walk. They do whatever they say, by creating products that satisfy the needs of the consumer.
Compared to their first release long ago, things have really improved, such as Micro SDHC support from the EZ Flash V Plus. The EZ Flash DS Generation carts, like the EZ Flash V, are well known for their uses with the EZ Flash 3 in 1, a well known device used to play GBA games on a Nintendo DS Lite slot 2.

RTG! For those who don’t know what RTG is, it stands for Real Time Guide. What is RTG? Well, have you ever wanted to take those Game FAQ walkthroughs and be able to use them while playing? This cart allows just that! With the addition of RTG.

In conclusion, the EZFlash Vi is a good choice, it has features that can distinguish this cart from others, it is perfect as a mini-media player and perfect for the person who seeks to play backups of their favorite NDS Games.