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Acekard 2i Review
Acekard 2I Reviewed

Basically the acekard  was one of the first cards on the market to be compatible with the both the DS and DSI, however if you are currently running this
card on your ds / ds lite and are hoping to use the card on a dsi consol version  1.4 then you must first upgrade your acekard manually using a DS consol
which is lower than version 1.4, in conjunction withh the 1.4 update kernel which we can provide or you can find online.

Again the Acekard 2 is SDHC compatibale so it can handle up to 32 GB micro sd cards.

If you need a card that will play your stuff with version 1.4 get an AceKard 2i.

as with other flashcarts, the acekard has the option of custom skins which can be downloaded from numberous sites with some simple searching.

Some other benefits of the acekard 2i are that wifi option is enabled.  After testing a handful of games that have had trouble with download play
on other carts before (eg. Yoshi Touch & Go), I can confirm that they all appear to work fine on the Acekard 2i just as long as the 'Download Play'
support option is enabled in the 'Patches' menu.

Nintendo Wi-Fi connection works just fine in all games on the acekard 2, When it comes down to it, if you've gone and picked yourself up a DSi and are eager to get it loaded with all your favourite homebrew, then the Acekard 2i is not your only choice - but a very good choice.It's a tried and tested cart that simply does its job, and well

Is the Ak2i Card better than a R4i Card?

This comes down to personnal preference. We haven't heard of any bad experiences for users of either card, and we've used both the Ak2i card and R4i card on our DS / DS Lite and DSi without any noticable difference.

Some people prefer the interface of the Ak2i card over the R4i card, but some people have mentioned their annoyance of delays in displaying the list of games on the Ak2i card. Both these points come from the same User Interface experience. The Ak2i card displays the list of games on the bottom screen with a logo of the game next to each game name, whereas the R4i card displays list of games on the top screen and shows the logo and details of the selected game on the bottom screen. This means that the Ak2i card has to go through each game in the selected folder, and build up all the images before it can display the list, but the R4i card doesn't have this processing overhead, and can display the list of games quicker.

Unlike the R4i card, the Ak2i card doesn't require you to make an up front decision whether you want to play games, listen to music, read books etc. The Ak2i card interface displays all files in the selected folder, and allows you to navigate your folders and choose what you want to do. In contrast, the R4i card requires you to select whether you want to play games, or listen to music as soon as you turn it on, and if you change your mind, you need to reboot the DS and choose the other option

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