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DS Consoles Explained
Friday, 23 April 2010 15:31
WHAT ARE THE DS CONSOLES - They are a twin screened interactive games machine

1  NINTENDO DS Created in 2005,
It was and is a TWIN SCREENED INTERACTIVE GAMES CONSOLE  one of the screens was/is touch sensitive for interactivity
also compatible with the previous Game Boy Advance  with a slot on the front for the GAME BOY ADVANCE,GAMES
on top of this     they added built-in wireless communication technology which lets it link up to Nintendo´s free online service, Nintendo Wi-Fi

This easy to set up service would let you compete with your friends online whenever you like; all that´s needed is a Wi-Fi compatible game ,like Mario Kart DS or Animal Crossing:Wild World.
Players can connect at home through their existing wireless broadband connection, or else take advantage of one of Nintendo's many public Wi-Fi hotspots.Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is not only free* and easy, but also safe:
you play with people you know by swapping Friend Codes. Plus, new voice chat technology means that in certain games, like Pokémon Diamond ,you can even talk to your competitors via the DS microphone.

NOTE: YOU Do have to pay for your broadband connection, to whoever you buy your broadband from

The smaller, sleeker version of the original Nintendo DS, just made it look and feel a little different
The Nintendo DS Lite combines dual screen action with Touch Screen interaction,as usual
wireless communication technology, as usual allowing gamers to join their friends in multiplayer games, and was/is available in seven colours to chose
Basically a they just revamped it a little bit

3. NINTENDO DS I  April 2009
Added a camera, sd card slot, and improved the sound, some fun and useful additions

DSi Camera ( yes 2 cameras) with 11 lenses,
take snaps and save them to the internal memory or an external SD Card,  (They added an sd card slot on the side)
keep a photo diary and share your favourite snapshots wirelessly with your friends

SD card slot on the right hand side of the console, just use a standard sd card for  music, files, video, no need to use a specialised memory card

DSI Sounds

Take your music on the move - and play with it! By storing  music or podcasts on SD Cards, it’s easy to keep your favourite audio close at hand. and the ability to Record and edit sounds through the built-in microphone and discover a new dimension to your music ( NOT A MIXING DESK JUST A BIT OF FUN ) thats easy-to-use
Enhanced sound system means your music Sounds SLIGHTLY BETTER ON THE DSI  as usual a pair of headphone and stereo speakers

Recommendations Advice

The nintendo  DSI is the latest and has a couple of extra additons, but if you dont want or need a camera to play with pictures  and already  have memory cards that that you can use, for putting your music and files on, theres not what we would call any fantastic difference between this a the previous  DS and DS Lite ,
Just depends if you want to spend that extra 50 quid, its a reasonable price to pay for an sd slot and twin cameras , but  if you are not  going to use them, stick with a DS lite or a DS you will still have loads of fun.